Lost River Gemstone on the left and his son Lost River Hercules on the right

Thursday, May 26, 2011

May 26, 2011

Well it has been awhile since I've posted a blog but I thought I would get back on the stick. A lot of news since I last posted. Had a litter of puppies and they are now going to be 6 weeks old this Saturday and heading to thier new homes nest Saturday. got big plans for the holiday weekend well I shouldn't say plans but I am going to work around the house, yard and kennels all weekend and I am taking Friday off so I can make a 4 day weekend.
I am keeping a pup out of this litter and plan on putting all the training I so with this little guy on my blog with some pictures and hopefully some video. I hope everyone enjoys it and if there are any dog people out there I hope you can also learn a little. And some of the trick and tactics of training can be applied to any dog not just bird dogs.
So stay tuned and i will try to be faithful in my posting and keep the info flowing.
God Bless

Monday, March 28, 2011


First things first our new grandson, Cameron, is doing great home and Mom is doing well his older sister Morgan is helping Mom and Dad and she is also adjusting well.
Went on a preserve hunt this last Saturday had a blast. got some guys from work 1 guy brought his father in law (my ex boss) to come and brought his 11 year old son and another brought his 9 year old son. I brought the dogs I took Herkie, Savannah, Rowdy, Jet and Ammo. My first trip out with Savannah and Rowdy other than chasing woodcock last Saturday. I wanted to see what they would do in front of the gun.
Started the day with jet and Savannah on the ground and Savannah immediately went on point and 2 quail got up and we downed one bird. Then we went to the milo patch where they usually plant the pheasant and Savannah pointed again and a big old rooster got us and 11 year old Jackson Rogers smacked it good and Savannah retrieved it back to hand what a site he was one excited boy.

We went on and got a couple more points and 2 more pheasants. Went back to the truck and swapped out Jet for Rowdy and we went to the bigger fields and looked for the the rest of our birds got numerous points and we killed quite a few birds both dogs did great got a lot of honors and a lot of retrieves. Went back to the truck and swapped Savannah our for Herkie and continued to hunt and got a few more birds Herkie did well and I got a picture of him on point. I don't have many pictures of Herkie on point so I was glad to get a couple. He looks so much like Gem it is scary.

Hunted the rest of the Field and a wanted to go back and check the pheasant field again so I swapped out both dogs and got Ammo and Savannah out and we went in and got a couple more pheasants and a couple of more quail. We had downed a chukar and it was only winged but could run like the wind and Savannah found it again and it was it the woods I went in to try to flush it and away it ran with Savannah hot on its tail but got into a big brush pile and savannah could not keep up with it and we never did find it. But the action was hot and fast for a while it was quite exciting. Shawn Gilbert got a quail on the way back to the truck so we had a good day we bought 8 pheasants, 6 chukar and 10 quail, When we got back to the truck we had 5 pheasants 7 chukars (we picked up an extra) and 9 quail so we had a great day.

I wanted to post this picture I thought it was such a great picture. Savannah with the point and Rowdy with the back they are both so intense and stylish. Anybody who loves bird dogs has got to love this picture.

Now on to other things around the kennels. Got the female I was doing a stud fee for bred again Friday night. Should be a great breeding I will get it up on my webpage soon. I don't have a picture of her yet but I will get her pedigree up.
Been working hard getting things ready to fish. got a new hitch for my Geo Tracker so I can pull the boat with it instead of Mighty Whitie with the price of diesel I can pull it with my Geo a little cheaper. Also bout a new bought for my son (well he paid for it) but I am picking it up for him Wednesday when I go back to have a little work done on my teeth. He is coming up Thursday to pick it up I will try to get some pictures Thursday night.
We are heading to Illinois Saturday to get my last new dog. I am excited about that always love to get a new dog. I am planning one more preserve hunt for the 16th of April. Steve Prichard may be coming in from Ohio with his Lost River dog so he can get her some birds and I plan on running my young dog Patch before she heads to Utah. And I will run my new dog and probably take Herkie just to get him into some more birds.
April looks to be a very busy month. I am going to kill my first wild turkey the last weekend of the month my grandtwins are having a birthday party so I will have it to go to and of course I will try to get a couple days a week of fishing in as well. So it looks like I will have plenty to blog about. Until then.
God Bless

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Well it has been a while since I have updated my blog and boy what a busy week it has been. Got up Saturday morning to beautiful weather so I decided to run my 3 new dogs. I just cut them loose and we went across the road to an area where I always run my dogs and I have been reading on some of the Indiana forums that the woodcock were migrating back north and I have moved several woodcock in this area and I thought it was worth a try. Just got in the field and I walked up a woodcock and my young male, Rowdy, stopped to flush which made me very happy he was quite stylish. then about 5 minutes later Rowdy's beeper went off and then Savannah's beeper went off I walked up and Rowdy was on point and Savannah was honoring it was nice to see. I moved in and flushed another woodcock and both dogs stood to flush. Here is a picture not great a quality photo but the best I could get at the time.

About 1/2 hour later Savannah's beeper went off and she had a nice point and I walked in a flushed a small covey of quail. I watched them fly off and headed that directions and Savannah pointed again and I walked in and flushed a single. Here are the pictures of Savannah's 2 points.

Spent the rest of Saturday working on my boat and getting it ready for the spring fishing season. I put in 2 swivel seats and I am wiring in a foot switch on my trolling motor. It is looking good and can't wait for warm weather to return.
Sunday went to walmart and Home Depot to get a few things but the main thing was a new crate so I could ship Waldo Monday morning spent the rest of the day watching NCAA and NASCAR but did get a little work done on the boat and took care of a few things around the kennels.
Then came Monday what a day it was. Tina's son called Sunday night saying they were going to induce labor on his wife Stacey so they would call us when things started happening. Well I had an appointment already made at Delta airlines and another appointment to get new teeth in Franklin. Got up at 2:00 AM left for the airport at 3:00 AM. Waldo had to be at the cargo terminal at 6:00 AM. I arrived at the airport a little after 5 and thought I was doing great went to the terminal I have always shipped from and Delta had moved now at 5 AM there was not anyone around to get directions from so I wandered around the airport for an hour and finally called and got Tina up and had her call Delta for directions and she called back and I finally found the terminal and got there at 6:20 which was 20 minutes late but they took Waldo anyhow which I was grateful for. I left there for Franklin and Tina called saying she was on her way to the hospital. Went to my first appoint at 7:30 they took impressions and started the process for my new teeth. Went back at 10:30 for the initial fitting and back at 2:30 to get my dentures. in the mean time Tina called and 12:07 Cameron Scott Metz was born he weighed 7 lb 5 oz and was 22 inches long he is quite the handsome fellow my 7th grand kid.

Found out at the dentist that they need to remove some boney structure from my lower jaw which they will do Wednesday March 20. After that heals I will be getting my implants sometime in May. My new teeth fit nice but I will be ready to get the implants and I won't have to worry about them anymore. Got home Monday night a little after 7:00 PM so from 2 AM to 7 PM was a long day.
Talked to gentleman moving from Evansville to Shoals and he had a female out of Miller bloodlines that was in heat and wanted her bred so he brought over Wednesday night and we bred her to Herkie and he left her at our house and I will breed her again Friday and he will pick her up then. I got pick of the litter for stud fee so it looks like I will have another dog on the market sometime around July.
I have rattled on long enough I won't put any training tips on this post maybe next week. Hope you all have a good weekend I am going on a preserve hunt Saturday so I will cover this next week with lotsa pictures I hope.
God Bless

Friday, March 18, 2011


I just wanted to give you all who follow along an update on my #1 dog Gem. As you know Gem has cardiomyopathy and right sided heart failure. He was diagnosed in August at Purdue by canine cardiac specialist Dr. Magee. He was doing OK until around Christmas and then he started filling with fluid we had him tapped and they drew 10 1/2 cups of fluid from him them 2 weeks later, tapped again and 7 1/2 cups this time and then 2 weeks later another 9 1/2 cups. So I talked to a friend of mine who has bought puppies from me and she is also a Vet her name is Dr. Christina Barcus. She suggested another drug. I called my Vet and suggest this, my Vets called Dr. Magee at Purdue and they did a consultation over the phone and changed Gems drugs around they started him on the pill Christina suggested and upped the dosage on his canine cardio medicine in fact they doubled it. Well since then we have not had Gem back to have him tapped and today it has been 6 weeks and at this time he is not filling with any fluid. I am so happy even though he is officially retired I am just glad to have him around he is my couch potato buddy.
Here are a couple of picture one of Gem taken last Saturday (3-12-11) and the other is the offical last point on wild birds this was taken during a pheasant hunt in Benten county IN in Dec.
Hope you all have a good weekend and I am going to work on my next training tip over the weekend if I can get Tina to take some pictures.
God Bless

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Todays blog is not about dogs or the kennels it is about far more serious things. And that is the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. My daughter Sara has start a project to try to help comfort the children in Japan. It is called Hand Made Help for Japan. My daughter is quite crafty and is making stuffed toys to send to the children in Japan. She is looking for anyone who sews, knits, crochets or makes hand made toys she will gather all she can and ship them to Japan. If you would like to read her story and help out copy and paste the link below in your browser address bar and read her blog and please help her if you can.


Sara and I appreciate it.
God Bless

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Well it has been a busy week so for this week. Bought a new washing machine Monday and had to install it. And yesterday I bought a new (used) deep freeze for Tina's son Justin. Well Tina said it wasn't big enough so I unloaded it and put it is the camper went to Home Depot and bought a new 7.0 CF deep freeze and went to Justin's house and moved out his old freezer (very heavy) and installed the new and put the old one in the truck sold it to a guy here at work. Last week I moved out and old dryer for Justin and moved in a new (used) dryer for him. I have figured out after moving all of the appliances is that I do not want to be an appliance deliveryman when I retire.
Took Waldo and Elmer to the Vet last night. Elmer got a blood test to check his kidney function because of the medicine he is on. Also took Waldo to get his health certificate so I can ship him to Connecticut on Monday.

Well today I am going to cover something that covers dogs but is not training it has to do with dog health. I am going to talk about cherry eye. First thing I want to say is that I am not a Vet and I am sure some people would disagree with what I have to say but with a lifetime with pointers I just know what has worked for me.
Cherry eye is the bulging of a tear duct that extends out in front of the dogs eye. It causes the dog no harm other than a small limit to their vision. The problem with cherry eye it is just plain butt ugly.
There are 3 options when it comes to repair cherry eye:
1. tuck and stitch
2. standard surgery removal
3. laser removal surgery
I will give my opinion on all 3 and tell which one I prefer.
Tuck and stitch is where your Vet would tuck the tear duct back in place and put a stitch in to hold it in place. The plus to this is the dog will retain 100% of the their tear production. The cost of this surgery is $750 to $1000. The minus to this surgery is that it is not guaranteed. The tear duct could possible dislodge again and require another surgery. For a lap dog this might be fine but for a working/hunting dog who takes a beating in the Field the chances of this happening again is very great.
Standard surgical removal is where the tear duct is removed by standard surgical removal and requires a small suture or 2 for minor bleeding. The minus to this is the loss of the tear duct. But this tear duct only supplies 20% of the tear production in the dogs eye. The remaining tear ducts will start to produce more tears to cover the loss of the one. With this surgery your Vet should run a tear test which will tell them how many tears your dog produces and whether they are a candidate for this surgery. The cost of this is around $100 and would be my second option.
My first option would be the laser surgery. It has the same minuses of the standard surgery and a tear test should be taken. But the plus to this is with the laser it cauterizes the small blood vessels and there is little or no bleeding. The cost of this type of surgery is $150 to $200 but in my opinion it is worth the few extra dollars for the laser surgery.
All of these are usually same day surgeries drop your dog off in the morning they do the surgery and make sure the dogs come out of the anesthesia OK and then you can pick you dog up later in the afternoon.
After either of the 2 removal surgeries I would suggest that you put the remainder of the salve and a bottle of artificial tears in your dog first aid kit. If hunting in early season when it is dry and dusty you might need to put the salve or the artificial tears in the dogs eyes just for safety sake.
Steve and Rosemary Prichard came in from Ohio to have the laser surgery their pointer, Kate. It was nice to see them again and spend some time talking dogs and just visiting. They could not find a Vet in their area that does the laser surgery so they decided to have the laser work done at our Vet. Kate is 9 months old now and come from Morgan's 2010 litter.
Here are some before and after pictures of Kate. As you can see in the before picture that Kate is in fine shape she is just not as beautiful as before and in the after pictures you can see the results and how beautiful she is again.
Please feel free to comment here if you disagree with any statements I made, but like I said I am no Vet just have a lifetime of experience.

This is Kate the evening before her surgery she is fine but the cherry eye is not very pleasing to the eye.

In the 2 pictures above is Katie's after pictures as you can see the red blob is gone and her eyes are back to normal. This was less than 6 hours after her surgery and she was so glad to see Mom and Dad and she was really cranked.

Well I hope this shed a little light on cherry eye and I hope to put a little training tip on here next week.
God bless,

Monday, March 14, 2011


Busy weekend at the kennels. Rosemary and Stephen Prichard drove in from Ohio and brought their pointer Katie to have a little surgery which I will cover in another blog later this week. It was nice to visit with them and when we met them at the hotel Friday morning to take their dog to our vet they were nice enough to pick us up at the tire shop so we could get new tires on suburban. We went to Shoney's for breakfast and the Prichards were kind enough to buy us breakfast. We then went back to the house and visited and spent time talking about dogs. they picked up Katie at 4:00 PM and she was doing great. It was really nice to see and have a chance to visit.
Saturday was puppy pick up day and Joe and Esther Pitts stopped by and picked up Miss Maggie from Missy and Jet's litter. They were really nice folks and Joe was quite knowledgeable when it comes to pointers. They brought their other 2 pointers, Rocky and Gilbert, with them so we were in pointer heaven. Later in the day the Summerfields from New Salem, IL to pick the other puppy from Missy's litter. Their new puppy is named Maggie. They have 2 young ladies who really loved the puppies. I have posted puppy pick up pictures below.
Sunday the weather was nice so I go a few things done around the kennels. got my little Geo Tracker back on the road, new brakes and calipers and new belts and we are back on the road. got the Geo out of the garage and pulled in the boat and started getting ready for some early spring fishing. I am goning to mount new seats, and a new battery box. I also got the grill out of the garage and back on the deck and Tina whipped up us a couple of steaks and baked patatoes. They were great.
I will not be posting any training tips this week instead I am going to post a blog about dog health I will be doing this later this week so make sure you tune in and ready an few words about cherry eye.

Stephen and Rosemary Prichard with Kate

Joe and Esther Pitts from Garfield Hgts Ohio

The Suumerfields, Cheyenne, Savannah, Lise and John from West Salem, IL

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


It was a wet gloomy weekend and I didn't get much done around the kennels. I did get to take Missy away from her puppies. There was a lot of long sorrowful cries all night long but they have adjusted well and are eating well. They will be going to their new homes this weekend.
I did some wheelin and dealin this weekend and traded my radial arm saw for a Knight .50 cal muzzleloader. I thought the saw was just what I needed it would cut boards as well as rip full sheets of plywood. but I got tired of carrying full sheets of plywood to the garage and decided is was easier to set up 2 sawhorses and do the cutting on site. So this saw set in my garage and I never used it. So I put up for sale at about 1/2 price and could not sell it so this guy offered me the gun and I took it. I figured I could sell the gun if I didn't like it easier than I could sell the saw. The gun is really nice it has already been converted to 209 primer, has a laminated wood stock and a Simmons 1 X 4 power scope and is a stainless steel barrel. A really nice looking gun.
Last night Waldo, Morgan's pup, got his first round of shots and wormed again. He is doing well and will be flying to Conneticut on Monday March 21.
I started this blog so people could possibly learn a little bit about English Pointers and possibly some training tips so after quite a few months I am finally going to try add a few training tips and techniques and will add pictures when I can.
What I am going to talk about today is what I call a style board. It is a 2X8 mounted to 2 barrels. I use plastic barrels because they are round on the bottom and are not a stable base. This unstable condition has a reason it teaches the dog to stand and not move the dog will learn as long as it stand stock still the board will not rock and if they move the board will move. Since this board is mounted on the 2 barrels it takes the dog out of it's comfort zone and puts you in control. In the beginning you just want to work on the dog standing still on the board and you can work on style as you go. I use treats also when the dog stand still and doesn't move you can put your hand under its stomach and steady the dog and give them a treat and priase the heck out of them because eventually the praise will take the place of the treat. Here is a picture or the set up I use.

When the dogs learns to stand and learns as long as they stand still you can then start to work on style and once they learn to stand with style you can then overlay other commands such as whoa once they will stand to whoa you can start to transfer this back to the ground. This will also help with style when she gets on birds and sarts to point she will under stand when you style her up on point that tail will go straight up and the head will do the same. I put a board on the ground and get them used to being back on the ground but yet they are comfortable because they are still attentive becasue of the familiar feeling of being on the board. Then you can start to take them on a lead and stop and say whoa and start working on this but this is another whole blog. Here is a picture of Patch I have been working with her on the board for about 4 days now and she is comfortable on the board and I am starting on working on her standing with style.

As you can see Patch will stand and I am working on her holding her head and tail up. If her attentions strays which can happen with a young dog I will give here a "hup" and get her attention back to me and back on task. This will not come the first time or 2 it will take many days and remember the 3 most important words in training reption, repition, repition. Sooner or later the "light bulb" will go off and they will completely understand what you want and then it will come easier to them and they want to please you it is really number one in their mind is to please you becasue you are the Alpha dog.
And when things do come together it can be amazing here is a picture of Spice she is 2 years old and knows how to play this game. And this picture is nothing but pure pointer style.

If you want to see more pictures of me working with these dogs here is a link to my facebook photo album.


I hope to add a training tip on each blog from here on out. I may start to try to video some short segments. But for now I will try pictures and try explaining in words. I hope you enjoy it and let me know if there is anything I can do to improve this.

"There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."
--Ben Williams

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Another great day weather wise yesterday. Went straight out after I got home from work and got to work. I put up the puppy pen in the yard and let them have their first taste of bare ground. since it has been so cold we have been bring the puppies into the house for the daily socialization. We keep them in a kiddie pool but they have gotten big enough that they can get out of the pool so with the weather so nice the next big step was outside on the ground. I have posted a picture below.
With that little projet behind me I started back to work on the kennels and finished putting the gate on my last kennel. I cleaned it got the dog house ready and one of the momma dogs will be in it tonight. The other empty kennel had a destroyed dog house. Little miss Katie chewed in up until it fell apart so I disassembled and saved what I could and completely rebuilt it. And the other momma dog goes in there tomorrow night.
It is time to wean them puppies they are eating solid food and have been for a while and they drink water from the bowl and their sharp little teeth are hard on the Momma's dinner plates they just yelp when the puppies are nursing so the time has come. I will be noisy for a few day but the settle in pretty quickly.
Hope everyone is enjoying the weather and have a great day
God Bless

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Well here it the first of March and boy spring is just around the corner. It was pretty nice when i got home from work so I started a few projects around the kennel. I rebuilt 2 kennel gates and got some things ready for upcoming weaning of the puppies. I also tore apart a dogs house and saved what I could and I plan on getting it rebuilt this even. all my kennels will be full when I wean the pups it has been a while since I had a full house. (note to Steve Pritchard I have a to do list for you and Rosemary when you come down next weekend ;~) )
Here are some pictures I took of the puppies over the weekend I was going to post them yesterday but when I put them on a CD I goofed somewhere but I got 'em today.\

This is Waldo he is going to Nikki and James in Conneticut

This is Maggie she is going to John Summerfield in Illinios

This is Miss Maggie and she is heading to Joe Pitts in Garfield Hieghts Ohio

"There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."
--Ben Williams

Monday, February 28, 2011


Well it is the last day of February and to me that means spring is just around the cornerer and then the work begins. I have a spring / retirement list going and I have more jobs lined up I will never get them done this year. You know I 've got to fit quite a few days of fishing in there and boy am I itching for that. I watched the bassmasters this weekend and that didn't do ahything but fuel the fire.
We went to our granddaughters 4th birthday party Saturday and had a good time. It is nice to visit with Stacey's family as they are all great people and are so nice. I also got to see quite a few of my onw family they were all there except for Sara and we didn't figure she would be there as it is a long drive for them.
Woke up sunday Morning and the weather was quite mild and I thought I should take advantage of it so I went out and cleaned the kennels. I finally got all the hoses out and got them all strung out to the kennels so not only did I scoop poop I finally got the chance to give them a good washing and all the the dogs seemed to appreciate it. buckets got scrubbed and things are pretty well back to normal.
My girl rosie who I thought might have Wobbler's syndrome seems to have made a full recovery. She it walking normal back jumping up and down from her dog house and has put on a few pounds. I am pretty sure she hurt herself when the ice was on and she jumped off her dog house and hurt her neck. She is still on some steriods but she seems to be her normal self. I am going to take her out on a field trip and see how she does in the field.
I have been doing a little yard work with Patch even though she is going to Utah eventually she is at the age she needs to learn a few manners. I have been making her stand before she gets a dog biscuit and and stand until she gets the OK signal from me. she is doing pretty well she just needs a little refresher evry night. I have also been working on making her stand and stand still until realeased. This is a work in process but we are getting there. Plan on start working on her with heel next and she needs to learn the check cord better and understand what it means.
The puppies are doing great the 2 young females go to there new homes Saturday March 12th and the big male will be shipped on March 21. They are just about ready to be taken away from the mamma's they are eating solid food and spend longer and longer each day away from mom. I will probably fully wean them the middle to the end of this week. I took a few pictures this last weekend and will post them tomorrow I forgot the CD today so be ready for tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Well had a great 3 day weekend and boy I needed it. The weather was really nice and warm and the sun shine was nice it gave me a touch of spring fever. I parked the dog trailer in the back and moved my boat to front. As soon as I get brakes on the Geo I am going to pull my boat in the garage and put in the new pedestals and seats and get it read for some early spring fishing. I rested up some this weekend still trying to recover from our flying trip to Dublin GA and back. I feel like I am about back to normal or as normal as I get.
The puppies are growing like weeds they are really starting to explore the world around them. I pulled the dividers out of the whelping boxes and now the puppies have free run of the boxes and the raised kennels. They haven't wandered out into the kennels yet but they will soon. We are still bringing them in daily and spending as much time with them we can they are really a hoot to watch. Hope you all have a great week. I will post more later. Here is a little video of the puppies in the house playing. The large puppy is Morgan's puppy and is a male and the 2 smaller pupies are Missy's puppies and both are females. The large puppy name is Waldo and the smaller pup with the most orange is named Josephine and the other pup is named Maggie.


"Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole."
- Roger Caras


"Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole."
- Roger Caras

Friday, February 18, 2011


Well not much going on around the kennels gut I wanted to give you all an update on Rosie. It doesn't look good she was diagnosed with "wobblers syndrome" which is pressure on the spinal cord in the neck. We brought her home Tuesday and have been keeping her in a crate to rest and let any possible swelling to go down in the neck. She is eating well and drinking well but she still has no equalibrium and this cause her to walk funny. We will continue with her meds and see where it takes us but unfortunately I am afraid that this will not get better only worse if so we may have to put an end to her suffering.
The puppies are doing well and are really moving around and exploring the world around them. Started them on their worm medicine this week they really love that stuff. We are starting them on solid foord this week and soon we will be taking them away from Momma to get them ready to head to their new homes. They are so fun to watch I will try to get some video this weekend and I will post it here.
Gem seems to be doing well he is not filling with fluid as fast. the new drug we have her on seems to be doing some good and that makes me happy.
Spice was bred on the 14th and 16th that means we will have puppies somewhere around the first week of April. Our current litters will be going to there new home on the weekend of 15th of March. We have not made solid arrangements but we will when we closer to that date. One puppy is going to Conneticut, one to Ohio and the other to Illinois. The Illinois puppy is a repeat customer and we always like repeat customers that means we are doing things right and that is our goal, to produce a quaility puppy that is intellegent, easy to train, and is a great companion.
It has been a long week after the weekend we had last weekend hope to get a few things done around the kennels and rest. Monday is a holiday for me so I am looking forward to the 3 days off.
Hope you all have a great weekend and I'll catch up next week.

" He is your friend, your partner,
your defender, your dog.
You are his life, his love, his leader.
He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat
of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of
such devotion." - Unknown

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


  Well a lot going on around the kennels right now and I want to keep caught up so I don't have to bore you with a long post. 
  The Vet call and they think Rosie has "wobbler's syndrome"  which is basically a bulged disc in the neck.  It is common in larger dogs such as Great Danes and Dobermans.  Not so common in pointers but it could caused by an accident.  the only thing we could come up with is that Rosie likes to spend her time on top of her dog house and with all the ice and snow we had she could've jumped off her dog house and slipped on the ice and landed awkwardly and hurt her neck.  We think the weight lose it due to her not eating because it hurt her neck putting her head in her food bucket and her water bucket.  At this time she is still at the Vet under observation.  They gave her a shot of cortisone and that is about all we can do and then keep her calm in crate for a couple of weeks and see if time will heal things up.  I hope so Rosie is such a sweet heart.
   One to the new dogs I picked up this last weekend, Spice, came to me already in the middle of her heat cycle so I went ahead and bred her Herky last night.  This should be a great breeding looking at the pedigrees they age a great match.
  The new puppies are in the middle of their socialization period and come into the house every day to be played with and get used to humans this is a very important part of our breeding program.  We want our puppies to like people and like being around people.  They are so cute right now they are up and walking around and beginning to explore their surroundings.  I will post a couple of pictures on the bottom.
  With the ice and snow at the end of the month I completely forgot to give the dogs their heart worm medicine so I took care of that last night I was a couple of weeks late but like they say better late than never.  We also started the pups on their puppy worm medicine it tastes and smells like bananas and they love it is fun to watch them drink it down out of a small syringe.
I'll post more as things happen and keep everyone up to date on Rosie's health.
Josephine and Summer

Monday, February 14, 2011


Well it has been a while since I have updated my blog and a lot has gone on so this may be a long one.
  During the ice storms we actually didn't get much bad weather we were right on the line and all we got was rain but I did not go to work any of those day I was home with a touch of the flu, I felt better Friday and was planning on going to work but on Thursday night Gem was not in very good shape he was having a hard time breathing so I got up Friday and was able to get him into the Vet.  My Vets are great they seem to always find time for our dogs.  They drained 9 1/2 cups of fluid from Gem's body cavity and he lost 7 pounds in about an hour and a half.  He always feels so much better when we get him drained.  Gem is doing quite well now.  Just worked around the house on the weekend and played with my new dog Rowdy.  I turned Patch and Rowdy out together and boy were they a sight they chased each other and played for about hour and they were fun to watch I figure it did Patch good to have another young dog to romp with will probably let them run together a few times a week. The puppies are doing quite well they are getting so fat.  We have started our socialization of these puppies they brought in the house every day and played with.  We want our puppies to like being around people and have a good personality which we think has all to do with their socialization at an early age.  The oldest one we call Nikki is quite a corker she is so fat but she is up and walking around and sometimes she gets aggravated and will bark it is so cute.  The 2 females are also up and about but being 5 days younger are not getting around as well as the older one.  It is amazing how much 5 days makes in a puppy at this age.
  Had a doctors appointment Tuesday and everything was fine just needed to get my prescriptions refilled.  While I was in Jasper I went to the Vet and picked up some antibiotics for Birdies leg infection.  I have been fighting this thing for months I clean it and put salve on it  but it continues to get infected.  It is just a spot on her leg that started out as a lick sore and now that it is infected it has continued to grow.  I had some antibiotics on hand and gave her those but ran out before it healed.  The Vet gave me another 2 weeks worth and we will continue to do the meds and the cleaning and salve and see if i can get this thing under control.
  My new dog rowdy has now been at our house for 2 weeks and seems to be settling in.  He spends the day while I am at work in the kennel and then spends the night in the house with me.  Gem and him are still trying to iron some thing out but we seem to be getting there.  We have had 2 minor scuffles but nothing serious.  Gem just doesn't want another dog cutting in on his territory.  He just doesn't seem to understand that he is still Pops' number one dog but I know he just a dog but he will always be my baby.
  Made a flying trip to Dublin Georgia to pick up 2 more dogs.  Justin D. Tina's youngest Son came over Friday and stayed at the house and watched Elmer and Gem for us.  We didn't think gem needed all those hours in the car and being jostled around so we were glad to have a house/dog sitter.  We left the house at 6:18 AM Saturday morning and drove 1175 miles and arrived home at 2:16 AM Sunday morning.  spent about 1 and 1/2 hours at Dublin talking to Adam hart about the dogs we just bought.  So it was some trip Atlanta at 8:00 PM on a Saturday was no fun it was bumper to bumper, door handle to door handle 6 lanes wide at 80 MPH sure was glad to get out of that town.  The rest of the trip was very uneventful just long.  Tina packed sandwiches and goodies and we did to even stop to eat.  3 pee stops going and 3 coming home and that was the only times we stopped.  I was tired but satisfied to think I still have it in me to put a day like that under my belt.
  Got to bed about 3:00 and Gem woke me up at 7:00 needing to go out so I got up and let him out and went our to check on the new dogs and they were fine but when I called Rosie out of her house she was staggering and falling down.  I knew this wasn't right so I let her loose and you could tell she was mentally sharp just uncoordinated.  I took her in the house and gave her some syrup thinking she might be hypoglicimic it seemed to help a little but I went and called the Vet emergency number and got her in at 11:45 so I left the house at 10:30 and took Justin home and went to Rural King and picked up a couple of bags of dog food.  Pulled into the Vets office just as Doctor Johnson pulled in and he started checking her out she had lost a lot of weight and was dehydrated.  They put her on an IV to get her hydrated and he wormed her and they kept her in the office overnight at this time I have not heard back from them yet.  They did a bllod panel on her and everything seemed pretty normal but they are going to do another blood panel this morning to see if they see any different readings the Doc thought giving her the syrup might have made some of the blood count readings wrong.  So I left her went home arrived around 1:00 and went out while the weather was nice and drained the hot tub going to do a little repair work and thought now was a good time to drain it and save a little on the electric bill. 
  One of the new dogs we got over the weekend is in heat and I put her and Jet together to see if they would breed.  Spice stood well and Jet mounted her but I could not get them hooked up we will try again tonight I may have to help if he can't get the job done on his own.
  My 2 new dogs are quite nice they both have excellent pedigree and both are beautiful dogs.  Run-N-Gun Savannah is liver and white and is 8 years old.  She is an old warrior you can tell by her ears and her tail that she has spent her time in the field.  Singleshot Spice is a smaller liver and white female and at this time it is hard to read her personality she is a little timid but this is the first time she has been away from her home kennel so she has some adjustments to make but both dogs are beautiful and healthy I can not wait to get them in the field and also to see what kind of puppies they will have.  I will put a couple of pictures at the bottom so you can see what they look like.  I will post later on the health of Rosie and also post some new pictures of puppies.
Run-N-Gun Savannah

Singleshot Spice

Monday, January 31, 2011


  It was quite a busy weekend but very fulfilling.   We made a flying trip to Tampico IL which is northwest of Chicago to pick up a dog.  His name is Last Chance Rowdy which I will reregister him as Lost River Fiddlin' Rowdy.  He is a small frame pointer , around 30 lbs, which is one of the smallest males we have ever owned.  The gentleman I bought him from, Joe Plote, had a couple pigeons and we took him to Joe's training field and I got to watch him work.  Had has a nice gate and good ground coverage and his range was close to medium which is exactly what we want to breed into our dogs.  He found both birds and was steady to flush and shot but not to the fall but that is fine, he is a natural retriever and iw well behaved in the field and handles lke a dream.
  Kinda broke my heart when we pulled out with Rowdy, the young man who sold him to me, Joe, was broken hearted Rowdy had been his first pointer and he had became quite attached to him.  He had tears in his eyes when he loaded him in the suburban.  But unfortunately for him he had to have the room in his kennels.  He raises Brittneys and trains for other people and he has 2 dogs coming in and needed to move a dog and since Rowdy was his only pointer he decided to move him.  It was a hard decision and hard on his heart but unfortunately it is part of the business.  I have been down that road and probably will be again and it is not easy.  Us bird dog people really live for our dogs and letting one go is always tough.  Joe may get a pup from Rowdy in the future and I will be more than happy to fix him up.
  We left at 4:15 AM Saturday morning and returned at 6:45 PM that evening and drove 745 miles and had great weather but it was quite a day.  Tampico IL is the birth place of Ronald Reagan we did not go on any tours or anything but is was nice to be able to say I was in the birth place of my most favorite president.
  When we got Rowdy home it was certainly an adjustment for Gem as well as Rowdy.  Of course Rowdy was confused but Gem did not like a strange dog in his territory.  Rowdy will be an in and out dog when I am at work I will put him in the kennel but when I am at home he will be in the house with me.  He slept the last 2 nights he slept in a crate in our bedroom and we didn't hear a peep out of him.  We are getting there with the 2 males I had Gem on one end of the couch and Rowdy the other last night so we are taking baby steps they still growl at each other when they pass so it will take a while but I think they will finally just give into each other and be content.  Here is a couple of pictures of Rowdy.
The puppies are doing well Morgan's only puppy in so fat it can hardly walk his eyes are open now and he is starting to move around.  Missy's 2 puppies are both doing well but not as fat as Morgan's.  I have already removed the dew claws and will start worming them this coming weekend.  It won't be long gefore they head to thier new homes.  The last litter we had was from Morgan and a gentleman who was supposed to buy Patch had a family emergency and I decided to keep patch wanted one of these new puppies but I offered him Patch because he really wanted a black/white female and of course all the pups we have now are orange/white he is quite happy and I could use the space my self as we have gotten one new dog and have 3 more coming soon.  I have started Patch well on to her way to being a great companion and a great bird dog.  I will miss her but I know she is going to a great home.
  Here are some pictures of the puppies Morgan's puppy is 13 day in this picture and Missy's 2 are 8 days old.

  Getting ready for the big ice storm tonight I have already put in for the day off tomorrow I am not soing to try to get out in the ice.  I have 3 four wheel drives but none of them go good in the ice.  So I am just going to stay home and try to get rested up.  I always have things to around the house that will keep me busy.  got another appointment on Saturday to have Gem drained again.  His new medicine seems to be helping it has been a month since he was drained and I think if we get him drained now and on his new medicine.  I am getting my truck back tonight the clutch went out last week and I dropped it off Saturday on our way to IL and they got it done today and it was about $150 dollars cheaper than the estimate so that makes me happy.  My truck is a 2000 Ford F250 deisel and it had 189,000 miles on the factory clutch so I cannot really complaim.
  Well I've rambled on enough for today will be back later.  Hope you all have a great week.
  God Bless you all,

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Well I closed another deal on a wonderful new female this Jenny she 2 years old and full broke and has a strong Fiddler pedigree she should be a great hunting companion and fit well into our breeding program.

This is Jenny's sires pedigree
This is Jenny's Dams pedigree

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


  Well it has been a long week.  Morgan had her litter and we lost all of the pups but 1, a male.  Missy had her litter Saturday she had 4, 1 was still born and we lost one.  The one we lost we could not get to nurse.  We hand fed her and even tube fed her but it was to no avail.  We spent hours out in the whelping house with them and put the nipple in the pups mouth but she just spit it out.  Missy was a good momma she kept the pup close but we just could not get her to suckle.
  We are making plans to upgrade our whelping boxes before we have any more litters.  I wnet on line and found underfloor heat mats for laminate flooring so I think I will put this is and I have 2 boxes of laminate flooring left over after we did our kitchen and I will put this in with a thermostat that will take the floor up to 120 degrees.  I also am going to run a couple of more circuits from panel out there so I have plenty of power availavle.  Then I think I will get a couple of electrical base board heaters to help warm the building.  I also already have a deep sink installed and I am going to run water to the sink as well as install another yard hydrant out side the kennels so cleaning the kennels will be a little easier now I drag a hose out there from another yard hydrant.  Work to the main kennel building I am going to run an outside recepticle to each kennel so I can hook up heated buckets for the winter and not have to carry water every day.  I am also going to run power to the south kennels for the same outside recepticles.
  I am in the process of expanding my kennels getting ready for my upcoming retirement.  I will post the links to pictures and pedigrees of these 3 dogs.  They are all really nice dogs with outstanding bloodlines and I am looking forward to getting them to my kennels.  I am also wheeling and dealing on a couple of more dogs but we are still in the negotiation mode I hope I can close the deal on them too.  If I do I will post some info on these girls.  Here are the links.
  The 2 females are in GA and the male is in IL so I will have some road time coming up but I am looking forward to a little road trip especially if there is a new dog at the end of the trip.
  More later and God Bless you all

Thursday, January 20, 2011


  Well let me start out today with a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my daughter, Sara, she turns 24 today!  She is expecting her third child and has been worried about not gaining any weight but she went to the doctor Monday and gained 11 pounds the doctor was happy and Sara was shocked.  The baby is doing well and it won't be long before I have another granddaughter.  And yesterday sould have been my sister Susie's 61st birthday I sure miss her.

                                                              Me and my daughter, Sara

January 19, 1950
November 4, 2005
I love and miss you Susie
  I was going to use today to reflect on the past hunting season but things have happened and I will save that for later. 

  As you all know we had a litter of puppies this last week and it has been a real struggle.  We had 6 puppies and one was still born.  Lost another the first night this one I think she laid on and suffocated.  And the rest were doing well until yesterday.  We lost one yesterday afternoon and lost another last night.
  The one we lost last night was struggling when I got home from work yesterday we brought it is and wrapped it in a heating pad and used a feeding tube and put some warm milk in its little belly and as it warmed it became more active and seemed fine.  I got up in the middle of the night and everything was fine but when I got up to go to work this morning it was in bad shape again.  I brought it in again and gave it some warm milk but it did not make it.  So we are down to 2.  I have lost a few pups over the years and have even lost entire litters but it sure doesn't make any easier.
  I been in the breeding business for 15 years and have learned a lot and make a lot of mistakes but as I grew I learned.  I thought I had a nice place to have puppies, it is a 8 X 16 building with 2 whelping boxes on the inside and 2 raised kennels on the outside.  I bought heated whelping mats for the boxes and they work fine but the box is so big Momma wants to lay on the heat and if the babies can't next to her they are in the cold so some rethinking and redoing is going to be required.  It is very frustrating to think you work your butt off for 15 years and you still lose puppies.  So I think I will divide the box in half and make an opening so she can get in put the mat down, and hang a heat lamp above that way all the heat is confined to smaller space and will be easier to keep warm.  I will make the divider removable so I can take it out when puppies get bigger and need the room.  I have looked on line for radinent floor heat and have found some I think will work it goes under lamenant floor.  So I can put the heating coils down and buy a cheap box of laminant flooring and put it in and with a good thermostat I can keep the floor at 103 degrees and keep the heat lamps on to keep the air temp warm and I hope that cures my problems.  Sorry to bitch on my blog but like I said I am really frustrated and this is a good place for me to blow a little steam off.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


  Well it was a busy weekend around the kennels.  Had an electrician in Friday to look at a heat problems we had so I took off work Friday and helped (watched) him.  Found out we had a fan motor shorted out parts are on order and we should be good to go this week.
  The weather warmed up a little and I finally got a chance to clean kennels.  Couldn't get the hose out but at least I was able to scoop frozen poop and the kennels look much better, tough keep them clean at this time of the year.  But I do the best I can.
  Sunday I started to try to find my garage floor.  I have too much stuff so it is time to thin it out.  I filled the Suburban from front to rear and ceiling high with stuff to go to Goodwill.  We have kept a good record of what we are donating and I will take it off our 2011 taxes.  The garage is coming around I have it about half done the trash man comes tomorrow and  he will earn his money because I threw a ton of junk away.  I am in a major downsizing mode and trying to get ready to retire so the work will continue.  Once the garage is done then it is out to the kennel building and do another search and destroy out there need to get it cleaned as it has my training table in it and I need to get Patch on the table and get her bench work started.
  Tsgt Travis Schuler who I wrote about in a previous post sent me and email Saturday and told me his new email address at home as Sunday is his last day in Iraq.  I am so happy for him and his family.  Now he will get to start his life over with his wife and kids.  I am looking forward to hearing from him once he gets back in the country and settled in and back to his normal job and spend sometime with his family.
  Woke up Monday and started back on the garage and Tina let the dogs out and thought she heard puppies well I ran to the whelping house and sure enough Morgan had already had 2 puppies.  By the end of the day she had had 6.  3 females and 3 males, during the night she lost 2 I don't know if she laid on them or they got off the heated mat and got cold.  Warmth at this time of the year is critical and I have the boxes heated and a heated mat on the floor but it may not have been enough.  But now we have 3 females and 1 male left.  We are trying to go out every hour or less and keep an eye on them and make sure they stay next to mama and on the mat.  The first 48 to 72 hours are always the most critical when it comes to puppies.  They have to start nursing and get themselves hydrated and warm after 72 hours they are usually strong enough to make it on their own.
  Elmer Lee Graber brought his big male over yesterday to breed to Katie but we couldn't get them hooked up yesterday but will try again tomight.  Katies heat cycle has been really wierd this time she drips one day and not the next so If we don't make it this time we will try again later.  Elmer's big male Max is a nice looking dog he is Miller's Silver Bullet on one side and Pork Roll on the other exactly like Katie so this breeding should be excellent.  I sure hope I can get them together  this week.  Elmer will be over to pick up his male later this week.  So we shall see.
  Missy is due wo whelp this week and that means another long night and hopefully quite succesful delivery.  This is her first litter and she will take some help so looks like I will be spending my nights in the whelping house sometime this week.
  Exacly 6 months until I retire looking forward to that it is getting harder and harder to get up and go to work in the morning when I know I have so much stuff to take care of at home.  I know I need to show patience but man I am ready to give it up and play with the dogs.
Until Later

Thursday, January 13, 2011


I usually don't like to talk politics because I stand firm on my beliefs and usually so does the other guy so it usually ends up in a big disagreement and the possible loss of a friend but I am somewhat of a history buff and believe our founding fathers knew what they were doing.  I really like Thomas Jefferson he was a very brilliant man with a ton of knowledge on government and a keen insight into the future here are a few quotes from Jefferson and I believe they ring true today.  Read and enjoy comments either way if you agree or disagree are welcome.

These are unbelievable quotes from Jefferson. You
would think he is speaking today instead of 1802.

1- When we get piled upon one another in large cities, as in Europe, we shall become as corrupt as Europe .

Thomas Jefferson
2- The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not.

Thomas Jefferson
3- It is incumbent on every generation to pay its own debts as it goes.  A principle which if acted on would save one-half the wars of the world.

Thomas Jefferson
4- I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.

Thomas Jefferson
5- My reading of history convinces me that most bad government results from too much

Thomas Jefferson
6- No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms.

Thomas Jefferson
7- The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort,
to protect themselves against tyranny in government.

Thomas Jefferson
8- The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.

Thomas Jefferson
9-To compel a man to subsidize with his taxes the propagation of ideas which he disbelieves and abhors is sinful and tyrannical.

Thomas Jefferson
10-Thomas Jefferson said in 1802:
'I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around the banks will deprive the people
of all property - until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.'

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


  Well it has been a long week and it is only Wednesday.  Didn't get to go on my preserve hunt Sunday I was a little under the weather over the weekend and didn't think I needed to fight the cold.
  Went to work as normal Monday but while I was getting ready to go I noticed Gem was having problems breathing again.  We had noticed that he was filling with fluid again and was becoming very distended.  I called the Vet and go him in at 9:45 so I left work early and went home and picked him up and off to the Vet I went.  Gem was such a trooper he stood for and hour and half while they drained his body cavity.  They took 7 1/2 cups of fluid out of him and he looked so much better he had that bird dog figure back.  He lost 6 1/2 pounds in an hour and a half.  He was pretty sore the rest of the day but when I got home from work Tuesday he was hopping around and brought me his toy and we played fetch again.  It is so nice when he is like this it is just like the good ole days.
  When I got home from the Vet it was too late to go back to work so I just did a few things around the kennels.  I had ordered 2 new heated whelping mats from Ebay and they came in the mail so I went to the whelping house and put them in.  They are nice they keep the dog warm but better yet they will keep the puppies warm when they are born next week.  I also hooked up 2 heated buckets so the girls will have water all day long.  I am still carrying water to the rest of the dogs daily.  Getting power to all the kennels with recepticles is on my to do list this spring or after my retirement.
  I went ahead and moved Morgan to the whelping house she is due Jan 19 I will move Missy over the weekend she is due about 5 days after Morgan.  Both mommas are doing great it looks like my 2nd attempt at AI was succesful.  Missy is definitely pregnant and is beginning to blossom nicely looks like she will have 4 to 6 puppies.  Morgan is huge she may 8 to 10 puppies.  If any of you know me and puppies the more the merrier.
  Katie also came in heat over the weekend she will be bred by a dog from outside my kennel, I want to freshen my gene pool and outcrossing with an excellent dog is a good way to do this.  I have looked at the sires pedigree and it is a good one.  I will post his pedigree and pictures as soon as I get copies.  I will probably post them on my website and when I do I will post a link here so you can all check them out. 
  As many of you know and for those who don't politically I am an ultra-conservative and a dues paying member of the Tea Party.  In the near future I am going to post some quotes from Thomas Jefferson.  He is my favorite of our founding fathers and a very sharp man with a distinct insight into the future.  Look for this in the next day or 2
God Bless you all and God Bless America

Thursday, January 6, 2011


  Not much going on around the kennel right now waiting for puppies to be delivered and going on a preserve hunt Sunday I am looking forward to that.
  Around the end of October I received an email from Tsgt Travis Schuler and this email has touched my life ever since.  Come to find out Travis is deployed in Iraq and loves English Pointers.  In his spare time he was passing the time surfing the net and looking a Pointer websites.  Well he came upon mine and really like my site and dropped me an email to tell me as much.  Well of course I replied and we have been staying touch via email ever since.  He said he enjoyed my email and it made his time easier while deployed having someone back home that has the same interests he does.
  We have become great friends and email each other a couple of times a week and I really look forward to his emails.  We talk about family, friends, dogs and hunting.  Travis is from Kansas and works at the Haskell Indian Nations Universtiy.  I checked this place out and it is quite neat and has a ton of history if you should get the chance google this place up and check it out.  He is a graduate of Haskell and is employed by university in their maintenance dept as a pipefitter.  He was in the Air Gaurd when they were activated to deploy.
  He is married and has to wonderful daughters and lives in the small town of Perry KS.  It is like we have known each other for years and I am looking forward to meeting him person. 
  Even though he can not tell me the exact date I know he is coming home soon and I am sure that will be one happy family.  He keeps telling me thank you for talking with him but no thanks are needed.  I have enjoyed it and in my own little way I have made one of American Hero's time in deployment a little easier.  And I feel all of the men and women who have served or are serving in our military are true American heroes.  And may God bless them and God Bless America.
  If you ever get the chance to talk with some one who is deployed I would say take the opportunity as these men and women are away from their families and enjoy hearing from anyone.  It has made a diffence in my life and I am sure it would yours.
  You all have a great 2011 and may God bless you all.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


  Happy New Year to everyone.  I hope this year brings great joy and happiness.  I am sure it will me I am retiring this year and I am getting 2 new grand babies a boy and a girl.
  We had our Christmas at our house Saturday the first.  It was a great time all the kids and grandkids were there and my Mom and my sister Mary came down and enjoyed the festivies.  We had the traditional Christmas dinner, order out Pizza.  It sure beat cooking and cleaning for 2 days and everyone seemed to enjoy I haen't found a kid yet that didn't like pizza.  We also had a fresh garden salad and relish tray and breaksticks.  My Mom brought 3 pies and my daughter in law brought a pecan pie just for me and it was delicous.
  I have told the grandkids all year we couldn't afford any presents and all they were getting from me was a rock.  So I wnet to driveway and found 6 of the prettiest rocks I could find and put them in little gift bags.  We told the kids to sit in the living room it was time to open present and I gave them all their present from me.  Oliver and Millie were excited the rest of the kids didn't know what to think.  Maddie said bring on the real presents she didn't want a stupid rock.  It was so cute.  Well we passed out the rest of the presents and the kids were ripping and tearing paper and Gem was sitting it the floor and got up he had all that he wanted he just wanted some peace and quiet.  I took pictures once he got out of the living room he went and sit in the hall and waited for things to calm down here are a couple of pictures I took it was funny.

 When the kids were done I got a very nice suprize from the kids they went into together and got us a 40" flat screen TV.  Justin Michael and Alisha got the TV Jeff and Stacey got me a the wall mount and Sara and Josh got me the cable cover.  It is great we mounted it above the fireplace and the picture is great.  I have been watching an old 27" cabinet model that Tina bought at a yard sale so this is like going to the movies.  Getting rid of the console TV gave us more space and we moved the couch and the recliners and it really opend up the room.  Here is a picture of Jeff and Justin mounting it on the wall above the fireplace.

  Not much happening around the kennels with all the holiday events I haven't been hunting.  But I am going on a preserve hunt this Sunday really looking forward to that.  The 2 girls I have bred are doing quite well and Morgan is really getting big.  Missy is still a mystery I AIed her and I still can't tell if it took or not.  She is getting bigger and her nipples are quite full but I have been fooled before but I think she is going to have at least a couple of pups.