Lost River Gemstone on the left and his son Lost River Hercules on the right

Monday, February 28, 2011


Well it is the last day of February and to me that means spring is just around the cornerer and then the work begins. I have a spring / retirement list going and I have more jobs lined up I will never get them done this year. You know I 've got to fit quite a few days of fishing in there and boy am I itching for that. I watched the bassmasters this weekend and that didn't do ahything but fuel the fire.
We went to our granddaughters 4th birthday party Saturday and had a good time. It is nice to visit with Stacey's family as they are all great people and are so nice. I also got to see quite a few of my onw family they were all there except for Sara and we didn't figure she would be there as it is a long drive for them.
Woke up sunday Morning and the weather was quite mild and I thought I should take advantage of it so I went out and cleaned the kennels. I finally got all the hoses out and got them all strung out to the kennels so not only did I scoop poop I finally got the chance to give them a good washing and all the the dogs seemed to appreciate it. buckets got scrubbed and things are pretty well back to normal.
My girl rosie who I thought might have Wobbler's syndrome seems to have made a full recovery. She it walking normal back jumping up and down from her dog house and has put on a few pounds. I am pretty sure she hurt herself when the ice was on and she jumped off her dog house and hurt her neck. She is still on some steriods but she seems to be her normal self. I am going to take her out on a field trip and see how she does in the field.
I have been doing a little yard work with Patch even though she is going to Utah eventually she is at the age she needs to learn a few manners. I have been making her stand before she gets a dog biscuit and and stand until she gets the OK signal from me. she is doing pretty well she just needs a little refresher evry night. I have also been working on making her stand and stand still until realeased. This is a work in process but we are getting there. Plan on start working on her with heel next and she needs to learn the check cord better and understand what it means.
The puppies are doing great the 2 young females go to there new homes Saturday March 12th and the big male will be shipped on March 21. They are just about ready to be taken away from the mamma's they are eating solid food and spend longer and longer each day away from mom. I will probably fully wean them the middle to the end of this week. I took a few pictures this last weekend and will post them tomorrow I forgot the CD today so be ready for tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Well had a great 3 day weekend and boy I needed it. The weather was really nice and warm and the sun shine was nice it gave me a touch of spring fever. I parked the dog trailer in the back and moved my boat to front. As soon as I get brakes on the Geo I am going to pull my boat in the garage and put in the new pedestals and seats and get it read for some early spring fishing. I rested up some this weekend still trying to recover from our flying trip to Dublin GA and back. I feel like I am about back to normal or as normal as I get.
The puppies are growing like weeds they are really starting to explore the world around them. I pulled the dividers out of the whelping boxes and now the puppies have free run of the boxes and the raised kennels. They haven't wandered out into the kennels yet but they will soon. We are still bringing them in daily and spending as much time with them we can they are really a hoot to watch. Hope you all have a great week. I will post more later. Here is a little video of the puppies in the house playing. The large puppy is Morgan's puppy and is a male and the 2 smaller pupies are Missy's puppies and both are females. The large puppy name is Waldo and the smaller pup with the most orange is named Josephine and the other pup is named Maggie.


"Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole."
- Roger Caras


"Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole."
- Roger Caras

Friday, February 18, 2011


Well not much going on around the kennels gut I wanted to give you all an update on Rosie. It doesn't look good she was diagnosed with "wobblers syndrome" which is pressure on the spinal cord in the neck. We brought her home Tuesday and have been keeping her in a crate to rest and let any possible swelling to go down in the neck. She is eating well and drinking well but she still has no equalibrium and this cause her to walk funny. We will continue with her meds and see where it takes us but unfortunately I am afraid that this will not get better only worse if so we may have to put an end to her suffering.
The puppies are doing well and are really moving around and exploring the world around them. Started them on their worm medicine this week they really love that stuff. We are starting them on solid foord this week and soon we will be taking them away from Momma to get them ready to head to their new homes. They are so fun to watch I will try to get some video this weekend and I will post it here.
Gem seems to be doing well he is not filling with fluid as fast. the new drug we have her on seems to be doing some good and that makes me happy.
Spice was bred on the 14th and 16th that means we will have puppies somewhere around the first week of April. Our current litters will be going to there new home on the weekend of 15th of March. We have not made solid arrangements but we will when we closer to that date. One puppy is going to Conneticut, one to Ohio and the other to Illinois. The Illinois puppy is a repeat customer and we always like repeat customers that means we are doing things right and that is our goal, to produce a quaility puppy that is intellegent, easy to train, and is a great companion.
It has been a long week after the weekend we had last weekend hope to get a few things done around the kennels and rest. Monday is a holiday for me so I am looking forward to the 3 days off.
Hope you all have a great weekend and I'll catch up next week.

" He is your friend, your partner,
your defender, your dog.
You are his life, his love, his leader.
He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat
of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of
such devotion." - Unknown

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


  Well a lot going on around the kennels right now and I want to keep caught up so I don't have to bore you with a long post. 
  The Vet call and they think Rosie has "wobbler's syndrome"  which is basically a bulged disc in the neck.  It is common in larger dogs such as Great Danes and Dobermans.  Not so common in pointers but it could caused by an accident.  the only thing we could come up with is that Rosie likes to spend her time on top of her dog house and with all the ice and snow we had she could've jumped off her dog house and slipped on the ice and landed awkwardly and hurt her neck.  We think the weight lose it due to her not eating because it hurt her neck putting her head in her food bucket and her water bucket.  At this time she is still at the Vet under observation.  They gave her a shot of cortisone and that is about all we can do and then keep her calm in crate for a couple of weeks and see if time will heal things up.  I hope so Rosie is such a sweet heart.
   One to the new dogs I picked up this last weekend, Spice, came to me already in the middle of her heat cycle so I went ahead and bred her Herky last night.  This should be a great breeding looking at the pedigrees they age a great match.
  The new puppies are in the middle of their socialization period and come into the house every day to be played with and get used to humans this is a very important part of our breeding program.  We want our puppies to like people and like being around people.  They are so cute right now they are up and walking around and beginning to explore their surroundings.  I will post a couple of pictures on the bottom.
  With the ice and snow at the end of the month I completely forgot to give the dogs their heart worm medicine so I took care of that last night I was a couple of weeks late but like they say better late than never.  We also started the pups on their puppy worm medicine it tastes and smells like bananas and they love it is fun to watch them drink it down out of a small syringe.
I'll post more as things happen and keep everyone up to date on Rosie's health.
Josephine and Summer

Monday, February 14, 2011


Well it has been a while since I have updated my blog and a lot has gone on so this may be a long one.
  During the ice storms we actually didn't get much bad weather we were right on the line and all we got was rain but I did not go to work any of those day I was home with a touch of the flu, I felt better Friday and was planning on going to work but on Thursday night Gem was not in very good shape he was having a hard time breathing so I got up Friday and was able to get him into the Vet.  My Vets are great they seem to always find time for our dogs.  They drained 9 1/2 cups of fluid from Gem's body cavity and he lost 7 pounds in about an hour and a half.  He always feels so much better when we get him drained.  Gem is doing quite well now.  Just worked around the house on the weekend and played with my new dog Rowdy.  I turned Patch and Rowdy out together and boy were they a sight they chased each other and played for about hour and they were fun to watch I figure it did Patch good to have another young dog to romp with will probably let them run together a few times a week. The puppies are doing quite well they are getting so fat.  We have started our socialization of these puppies they brought in the house every day and played with.  We want our puppies to like being around people and have a good personality which we think has all to do with their socialization at an early age.  The oldest one we call Nikki is quite a corker she is so fat but she is up and walking around and sometimes she gets aggravated and will bark it is so cute.  The 2 females are also up and about but being 5 days younger are not getting around as well as the older one.  It is amazing how much 5 days makes in a puppy at this age.
  Had a doctors appointment Tuesday and everything was fine just needed to get my prescriptions refilled.  While I was in Jasper I went to the Vet and picked up some antibiotics for Birdies leg infection.  I have been fighting this thing for months I clean it and put salve on it  but it continues to get infected.  It is just a spot on her leg that started out as a lick sore and now that it is infected it has continued to grow.  I had some antibiotics on hand and gave her those but ran out before it healed.  The Vet gave me another 2 weeks worth and we will continue to do the meds and the cleaning and salve and see if i can get this thing under control.
  My new dog rowdy has now been at our house for 2 weeks and seems to be settling in.  He spends the day while I am at work in the kennel and then spends the night in the house with me.  Gem and him are still trying to iron some thing out but we seem to be getting there.  We have had 2 minor scuffles but nothing serious.  Gem just doesn't want another dog cutting in on his territory.  He just doesn't seem to understand that he is still Pops' number one dog but I know he just a dog but he will always be my baby.
  Made a flying trip to Dublin Georgia to pick up 2 more dogs.  Justin D. Tina's youngest Son came over Friday and stayed at the house and watched Elmer and Gem for us.  We didn't think gem needed all those hours in the car and being jostled around so we were glad to have a house/dog sitter.  We left the house at 6:18 AM Saturday morning and drove 1175 miles and arrived home at 2:16 AM Sunday morning.  spent about 1 and 1/2 hours at Dublin talking to Adam hart about the dogs we just bought.  So it was some trip Atlanta at 8:00 PM on a Saturday was no fun it was bumper to bumper, door handle to door handle 6 lanes wide at 80 MPH sure was glad to get out of that town.  The rest of the trip was very uneventful just long.  Tina packed sandwiches and goodies and we did to even stop to eat.  3 pee stops going and 3 coming home and that was the only times we stopped.  I was tired but satisfied to think I still have it in me to put a day like that under my belt.
  Got to bed about 3:00 and Gem woke me up at 7:00 needing to go out so I got up and let him out and went our to check on the new dogs and they were fine but when I called Rosie out of her house she was staggering and falling down.  I knew this wasn't right so I let her loose and you could tell she was mentally sharp just uncoordinated.  I took her in the house and gave her some syrup thinking she might be hypoglicimic it seemed to help a little but I went and called the Vet emergency number and got her in at 11:45 so I left the house at 10:30 and took Justin home and went to Rural King and picked up a couple of bags of dog food.  Pulled into the Vets office just as Doctor Johnson pulled in and he started checking her out she had lost a lot of weight and was dehydrated.  They put her on an IV to get her hydrated and he wormed her and they kept her in the office overnight at this time I have not heard back from them yet.  They did a bllod panel on her and everything seemed pretty normal but they are going to do another blood panel this morning to see if they see any different readings the Doc thought giving her the syrup might have made some of the blood count readings wrong.  So I left her went home arrived around 1:00 and went out while the weather was nice and drained the hot tub going to do a little repair work and thought now was a good time to drain it and save a little on the electric bill. 
  One of the new dogs we got over the weekend is in heat and I put her and Jet together to see if they would breed.  Spice stood well and Jet mounted her but I could not get them hooked up we will try again tonight I may have to help if he can't get the job done on his own.
  My 2 new dogs are quite nice they both have excellent pedigree and both are beautiful dogs.  Run-N-Gun Savannah is liver and white and is 8 years old.  She is an old warrior you can tell by her ears and her tail that she has spent her time in the field.  Singleshot Spice is a smaller liver and white female and at this time it is hard to read her personality she is a little timid but this is the first time she has been away from her home kennel so she has some adjustments to make but both dogs are beautiful and healthy I can not wait to get them in the field and also to see what kind of puppies they will have.  I will put a couple of pictures at the bottom so you can see what they look like.  I will post later on the health of Rosie and also post some new pictures of puppies.
Run-N-Gun Savannah

Singleshot Spice