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Thursday, January 6, 2011


  Not much going on around the kennel right now waiting for puppies to be delivered and going on a preserve hunt Sunday I am looking forward to that.
  Around the end of October I received an email from Tsgt Travis Schuler and this email has touched my life ever since.  Come to find out Travis is deployed in Iraq and loves English Pointers.  In his spare time he was passing the time surfing the net and looking a Pointer websites.  Well he came upon mine and really like my site and dropped me an email to tell me as much.  Well of course I replied and we have been staying touch via email ever since.  He said he enjoyed my email and it made his time easier while deployed having someone back home that has the same interests he does.
  We have become great friends and email each other a couple of times a week and I really look forward to his emails.  We talk about family, friends, dogs and hunting.  Travis is from Kansas and works at the Haskell Indian Nations Universtiy.  I checked this place out and it is quite neat and has a ton of history if you should get the chance google this place up and check it out.  He is a graduate of Haskell and is employed by university in their maintenance dept as a pipefitter.  He was in the Air Gaurd when they were activated to deploy.
  He is married and has to wonderful daughters and lives in the small town of Perry KS.  It is like we have known each other for years and I am looking forward to meeting him person. 
  Even though he can not tell me the exact date I know he is coming home soon and I am sure that will be one happy family.  He keeps telling me thank you for talking with him but no thanks are needed.  I have enjoyed it and in my own little way I have made one of American Hero's time in deployment a little easier.  And I feel all of the men and women who have served or are serving in our military are true American heroes.  And may God bless them and God Bless America.
  If you ever get the chance to talk with some one who is deployed I would say take the opportunity as these men and women are away from their families and enjoy hearing from anyone.  It has made a diffence in my life and I am sure it would yours.
  You all have a great 2011 and may God bless you all.

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  1. Very nice story Jim. Soldiers really enjoy talking to people especially when they have things in common. I know my brother really enjoyed it when he was over in Iraq back in '04. At our next RGS Chapter meeting I was going to see if there was any interest in a "adopt a soldier" program for our members. Mainly try to get in contact with soldiers that have interests in bird hunting. Send them care packages with goodies, hunting magazines, and such. I'm hoping others will be interested because we would be nothing without our military.