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Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Another great day weather wise yesterday. Went straight out after I got home from work and got to work. I put up the puppy pen in the yard and let them have their first taste of bare ground. since it has been so cold we have been bring the puppies into the house for the daily socialization. We keep them in a kiddie pool but they have gotten big enough that they can get out of the pool so with the weather so nice the next big step was outside on the ground. I have posted a picture below.
With that little projet behind me I started back to work on the kennels and finished putting the gate on my last kennel. I cleaned it got the dog house ready and one of the momma dogs will be in it tonight. The other empty kennel had a destroyed dog house. Little miss Katie chewed in up until it fell apart so I disassembled and saved what I could and completely rebuilt it. And the other momma dog goes in there tomorrow night.
It is time to wean them puppies they are eating solid food and have been for a while and they drink water from the bowl and their sharp little teeth are hard on the Momma's dinner plates they just yelp when the puppies are nursing so the time has come. I will be noisy for a few day but the settle in pretty quickly.
Hope everyone is enjoying the weather and have a great day
God Bless

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