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Wednesday, January 26, 2011


  Well it has been a long week.  Morgan had her litter and we lost all of the pups but 1, a male.  Missy had her litter Saturday she had 4, 1 was still born and we lost one.  The one we lost we could not get to nurse.  We hand fed her and even tube fed her but it was to no avail.  We spent hours out in the whelping house with them and put the nipple in the pups mouth but she just spit it out.  Missy was a good momma she kept the pup close but we just could not get her to suckle.
  We are making plans to upgrade our whelping boxes before we have any more litters.  I wnet on line and found underfloor heat mats for laminate flooring so I think I will put this is and I have 2 boxes of laminate flooring left over after we did our kitchen and I will put this in with a thermostat that will take the floor up to 120 degrees.  I also am going to run a couple of more circuits from panel out there so I have plenty of power availavle.  Then I think I will get a couple of electrical base board heaters to help warm the building.  I also already have a deep sink installed and I am going to run water to the sink as well as install another yard hydrant out side the kennels so cleaning the kennels will be a little easier now I drag a hose out there from another yard hydrant.  Work to the main kennel building I am going to run an outside recepticle to each kennel so I can hook up heated buckets for the winter and not have to carry water every day.  I am also going to run power to the south kennels for the same outside recepticles.
  I am in the process of expanding my kennels getting ready for my upcoming retirement.  I will post the links to pictures and pedigrees of these 3 dogs.  They are all really nice dogs with outstanding bloodlines and I am looking forward to getting them to my kennels.  I am also wheeling and dealing on a couple of more dogs but we are still in the negotiation mode I hope I can close the deal on them too.  If I do I will post some info on these girls.  Here are the links.
  The 2 females are in GA and the male is in IL so I will have some road time coming up but I am looking forward to a little road trip especially if there is a new dog at the end of the trip.
  More later and God Bless you all

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