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Tuesday, January 4, 2011


  Happy New Year to everyone.  I hope this year brings great joy and happiness.  I am sure it will me I am retiring this year and I am getting 2 new grand babies a boy and a girl.
  We had our Christmas at our house Saturday the first.  It was a great time all the kids and grandkids were there and my Mom and my sister Mary came down and enjoyed the festivies.  We had the traditional Christmas dinner, order out Pizza.  It sure beat cooking and cleaning for 2 days and everyone seemed to enjoy I haen't found a kid yet that didn't like pizza.  We also had a fresh garden salad and relish tray and breaksticks.  My Mom brought 3 pies and my daughter in law brought a pecan pie just for me and it was delicous.
  I have told the grandkids all year we couldn't afford any presents and all they were getting from me was a rock.  So I wnet to driveway and found 6 of the prettiest rocks I could find and put them in little gift bags.  We told the kids to sit in the living room it was time to open present and I gave them all their present from me.  Oliver and Millie were excited the rest of the kids didn't know what to think.  Maddie said bring on the real presents she didn't want a stupid rock.  It was so cute.  Well we passed out the rest of the presents and the kids were ripping and tearing paper and Gem was sitting it the floor and got up he had all that he wanted he just wanted some peace and quiet.  I took pictures once he got out of the living room he went and sit in the hall and waited for things to calm down here are a couple of pictures I took it was funny.

 When the kids were done I got a very nice suprize from the kids they went into together and got us a 40" flat screen TV.  Justin Michael and Alisha got the TV Jeff and Stacey got me a the wall mount and Sara and Josh got me the cable cover.  It is great we mounted it above the fireplace and the picture is great.  I have been watching an old 27" cabinet model that Tina bought at a yard sale so this is like going to the movies.  Getting rid of the console TV gave us more space and we moved the couch and the recliners and it really opend up the room.  Here is a picture of Jeff and Justin mounting it on the wall above the fireplace.

  Not much happening around the kennels with all the holiday events I haven't been hunting.  But I am going on a preserve hunt this Sunday really looking forward to that.  The 2 girls I have bred are doing quite well and Morgan is really getting big.  Missy is still a mystery I AIed her and I still can't tell if it took or not.  She is getting bigger and her nipples are quite full but I have been fooled before but I think she is going to have at least a couple of pups.

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  1. We had a great time this weekend, Dad! Go figure my kids love the rocks. They get it honest! :)