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Monday, March 28, 2011


First things first our new grandson, Cameron, is doing great home and Mom is doing well his older sister Morgan is helping Mom and Dad and she is also adjusting well.
Went on a preserve hunt this last Saturday had a blast. got some guys from work 1 guy brought his father in law (my ex boss) to come and brought his 11 year old son and another brought his 9 year old son. I brought the dogs I took Herkie, Savannah, Rowdy, Jet and Ammo. My first trip out with Savannah and Rowdy other than chasing woodcock last Saturday. I wanted to see what they would do in front of the gun.
Started the day with jet and Savannah on the ground and Savannah immediately went on point and 2 quail got up and we downed one bird. Then we went to the milo patch where they usually plant the pheasant and Savannah pointed again and a big old rooster got us and 11 year old Jackson Rogers smacked it good and Savannah retrieved it back to hand what a site he was one excited boy.

We went on and got a couple more points and 2 more pheasants. Went back to the truck and swapped out Jet for Rowdy and we went to the bigger fields and looked for the the rest of our birds got numerous points and we killed quite a few birds both dogs did great got a lot of honors and a lot of retrieves. Went back to the truck and swapped Savannah our for Herkie and continued to hunt and got a few more birds Herkie did well and I got a picture of him on point. I don't have many pictures of Herkie on point so I was glad to get a couple. He looks so much like Gem it is scary.

Hunted the rest of the Field and a wanted to go back and check the pheasant field again so I swapped out both dogs and got Ammo and Savannah out and we went in and got a couple more pheasants and a couple of more quail. We had downed a chukar and it was only winged but could run like the wind and Savannah found it again and it was it the woods I went in to try to flush it and away it ran with Savannah hot on its tail but got into a big brush pile and savannah could not keep up with it and we never did find it. But the action was hot and fast for a while it was quite exciting. Shawn Gilbert got a quail on the way back to the truck so we had a good day we bought 8 pheasants, 6 chukar and 10 quail, When we got back to the truck we had 5 pheasants 7 chukars (we picked up an extra) and 9 quail so we had a great day.

I wanted to post this picture I thought it was such a great picture. Savannah with the point and Rowdy with the back they are both so intense and stylish. Anybody who loves bird dogs has got to love this picture.

Now on to other things around the kennels. Got the female I was doing a stud fee for bred again Friday night. Should be a great breeding I will get it up on my webpage soon. I don't have a picture of her yet but I will get her pedigree up.
Been working hard getting things ready to fish. got a new hitch for my Geo Tracker so I can pull the boat with it instead of Mighty Whitie with the price of diesel I can pull it with my Geo a little cheaper. Also bout a new bought for my son (well he paid for it) but I am picking it up for him Wednesday when I go back to have a little work done on my teeth. He is coming up Thursday to pick it up I will try to get some pictures Thursday night.
We are heading to Illinois Saturday to get my last new dog. I am excited about that always love to get a new dog. I am planning one more preserve hunt for the 16th of April. Steve Prichard may be coming in from Ohio with his Lost River dog so he can get her some birds and I plan on running my young dog Patch before she heads to Utah. And I will run my new dog and probably take Herkie just to get him into some more birds.
April looks to be a very busy month. I am going to kill my first wild turkey the last weekend of the month my grandtwins are having a birthday party so I will have it to go to and of course I will try to get a couple days a week of fishing in as well. So it looks like I will have plenty to blog about. Until then.
God Bless

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