Lost River Gemstone on the left and his son Lost River Hercules on the right

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Well had a great but very busy weekend.  No hunting this weekend I had business to take care of Saturday and went to my Mothers for our Family thanksgiving dinner.
  I tied to breed Missy to Jet Wednesday and Thursday.  He was able to penetrate but not able to "knot"  so I A.I.ed her Friday night and again Monday evening so it is just a wait and see procedure now.  I hope it took but we should know in about 30 to 35 days.  I took yesterday off woke up with a migraine and didn't feel well early but got to feeling better as the day progressed I did get all the kennels cleaned and all the dogs got fresh new bedding.  They are so funny when they get fresh bedding they just dive in there and scratch and snuff abround to get ther new beds done.  I always enjoy watching them.  I also put a new 7 way plug on my truck getting ready to go north for a pheasant hunt hopefully lotsa news and pictures when I get back.
  At my family dinner we had 33 family members attend all of moms great grandkids were there.  The only 2 who could make it were my neice and nephew, Cassie and Adam.  Adam is in the marines and is deployed and Cassie lives in Seattle and she couldn't make it home.  It was a nice gather but either we are going to have to quit growing or my Mon is going to have to get a bigger house.  I have attached pictures of my grandkids and my family if you wish to see the whole album follow the link to my facebook album.

Friday, November 19, 2010


I tried to breed Jet to Missy again last night but no luck.  They just seem to get hooked up.  I am going to try again tonight and if I don't have any luck I am going to artificially inseminate her Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  I have only tried AI once and had no luck but the circustance were a little different on that breeding as the female was on her way out of heat and I tried to catch her but it didn't work.  Missy is in her prime time and I know how it is done so I will be trying it again.  Wish me and Missy luck she should have some awesome puppies if things work out.

Wanted to post these pictures of a coworker and great friend Brian Huber and his son Drake.  They had a great opening weekend of deer season.  Drake got his first deer a nice 6 pointer.  Drake is 9 years old and quite the outdoors man already his dad takes him on wide variety of outdoor andventures.  Drake killed his first turkey this spring, his first pheasant in October, and now his first deer.  Brian and Drake also like to fish, squirrel hunt and just about everything you can think of to do in the woods.  Brian also has a younger son, Brax who is headed in the same direction I can't wait to see how he does as he gets older.  I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Well the weather has finally change chilly gray and misting rain.  I am so glad it should help the bird hunting.  I bred Herkie to Morgan again last night and that is the end of that breeding now we just have to wait 63 days and then we'll have puppies.  Mischief (Missy) is in heat and I put her a Jet together last night but no luck she may be alittle early but I will give it a try again tonight I hope I can get them hooked up they should make some dandy puppies.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Great news I have bred Lost River Hercules to Lost River Morgan that means puppies in January.  Lost River Missy is also in heat and I will be breeding her to Elhew Jet Lag.  So that means even more puppies.  Puppies make me a happy guy.  Nothing like watching a litter of pups grow and play they are great.  I tried to get Missy and Jet hooked up last night but luck we will be trying again tonight.  Stayed tuned the fun will be beginning in about 63 days it will be a busy time but very fulfilling.
God Bless

Monday, November 15, 2010


  My grandson, Payton, is a Tiger Scout which is the first rand of the Cub Scouts.  they had a fund raiser selling popcorn and he sold over $1000 worth of popcorn.  This won him a trip to the Old Ben Scout Reservation for an outdoorsman day.  I got go with him and I also took my stepson Justin D.  My son is also named Justin and he also went.  We made a day out of it.  They had outdoor activities planned for the day we started and the archery range and Payton did real well for a 6 year old.  We then moved on to the confidence course and Payton got to play some games and got a chance to climb the rock wall he made it to the top and I was so proud of him.  We then went to the gun range where they all got shoot the BB guns Payton did well but had problems aiming I think he is right handed but is left eye dominant he kept trying aim over the gun with his left eye.  Justin will have to work on that.  We then went to lunch and they had a nice lunch served up by the older scouts.  We had sloppy Joes, tomato soup, chips and cookies.  We all ate well.  During lunch they had a door prize drawing and Payton won a lego race car set he was so happy.  After lunch we went to the chapel and listened to a talk about "leave no trace" while you are in the outdoors it was a good talk but I don't know how much the youngers ones understood.  After that they had a scavenger hunt and Payton found all the answers but 2 so he did real well.  After that it was to the lake and fishing.  They had a pro fisherman, Chad Morganthaler, he had his big boat with him and talked to the kids about fishing.  then we went to the lake and then if started raining.  I took Payton on a row boat ride and we went up and down the lake a couple of times and then we went fishing Justin, Justin D and Payton all fished but I watched helped we didn't catch anything but the lake was real low and with over 500 people fishing at one time or another thru the day I was not suprized.  It continued to rain and we decided to call it a day.  But all and all even with the rain it was a great day got to have a guys day out with my 2 Justins and my grandson.  If you want to see the whole photo albums follow the link below to my facebook photo album..


  Another Hot and dry day up to 80 degrees and no breeze and the hunting is tough on me and the dogs and it is so dry the scenting conditions are very poor.  I went to a friend of mine, Jason Hedricks, house and hunted the farms around his house which is located in Alfordsville.  I hunted Gem and Birdie and it was really hard on Gem hunted him a little longer and further than I aimed to.  We moved on nice covey of birds and Jason got one bird on the rise and of course I missed both my shots.  Then we moved on to the singles Jason picked up one bird and I got a single.  Jason's dog, Duke, had a couple of nice points and Birdie and Gem did OK.  In the picture Duke and Birdie pointed at the same time and Gem with the back.

  I also took Patch with me.  Jason has a nice 2 acre training ground and birds in a Johnny box.  We turned about 6 or 8 birds out and I let patch go.  The training ground is really thick and it was so hot Patch never pointed but she flushed a bird and off she went.  I don't mind her chasing it helps build desire in a pup that age, she is 4 1/2 months now.  I then turned Gem loose to see if he could find the birds but he was just worn out but Patch had a good time got to run thru the cover and chase it was good for her.  I also continued to let her wear the beeper and she did just fine with it will probably get out some pigeons this week and let see how she does on the them.  I have also put in an order for some pen raised quail that should speed things up a little.  Here are a couple pictures of Patch.


  Happy veterans day to all who have served and make this country free.  And thanks to all the active duty personell who are seving away from thier family and freinds.
  Weather was hot and dry it got to around 80 degrees and that is almost unbelievable for the 11th of November but I went hunting anyway.  I went to my little piece of property in Martin County.  I own 66 acres and it is all farm ground but has nice thick fence rows and some really good cover.  I have been in birds there serveral times but not today.  I hunted Rosie and Ammo it was so hot and no available water all streams are dry so I had to carry extra water for the dogs.  The scenting conditions were poor at best but I had a great time I just love to watch the dogs and I love being outdoors.  Below are Lost River Rosie and Lost River Ammo

Sunday, November 14, 2010

11/10/10 II

Well went fishing tonight and had a great time the weather was phenomenal 80 degrees light breeze just beautiful for the 10th day of November.  Fishing was slow caught about 8 fish but everything we caught was quality fish.  Nothing under 2 1/2 lbs Scott Williams caught 2 hogs one weighed 6 lbs 2 oz and the oth 5 lbs 13 oz and I have posted the pictures here but if you want to see the whole album follow the link to my facebook album.  This was probably it for the year I can't believe we will have any more days is the 70's.  Bird hunting Thursday and Friday and to the Old Ben Scout Reservation with my son, stepson and my grandson Saturday.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Well I lied in a previous post and said that it was my last fishing trip and it was not, going again tonight after work.  We are in the middle of Indian Summer it is supposed to be 75 degrees and sunny.  So we decided to go one more time.  I'll post some pictures if we get any of decent size.  But it is back into the field tomorrow.  I am off due to the Veterans Day holiday and will hunt both tomorrow and Friday.  Saturday I am going to the Old Ben Scout Reservation with my son and grandson.  My grandson sold popcorn and won this trip for selling over a thousand dollars worth so I am looking forward to spending to time with my son and grandson.  I am hoping to get my grandson hunting soon as he loves the shooting part of these trips it is a BB gun but he is a pretty good shot and hopefully it is a step towards the hunting lifestyle with Pops, thats me.  I'll post any good pictures I get hunting and my trip to the scout reservation so stay tuned.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I wanted to post these pictures they are friends of mine Brian Huber and Kent Gingerich, they are avid deer hunters and it looks like all the time they have spent has paid off.  I designed and maintain thier webpage.  If you like deer hunting, turkey hunting and kids in the outdoors please visit thier website and send them an email and let them know you enjoyed it.  Thier web address is:  http://www.barebonesoutdoors.com/

Kent Gingerich

Brian Huber

Monday, November 8, 2010


Well opening weekend has come and gone and things were really slow.  I had a friend of mine and his daughter come down from Crawfordsville, IN and hunted with me Greg has a young Brit named Ben.  We started across the road from house and Gem pointed a pair of woodcock and no shots were offered.  Ben later bumped another woodcock again no shots.  We never did find the quail, after a great lunch from Tina Hillary took the afternoon off and Greg and I hunted another piece of property that held a large covey last year but when only found one small covey with 7 or 8 birds Greg took on bird and we decided to call it a day.  My dog Jet pointed the covey and I had a nice back from Ammo.  Didn't get to hunt Saturday as my son and his family came up from Evansville for a visit.  I went out Sunday with Kate, Morgan and Patch ran along for the experience.  I did not take a gun as Patch has never been properly been introduced to the guns yet.  I just wanted the other 2 dogs to get some time in the field in.  I put tape over the beeper collar and put it on Patch so I could start conditioning her to the beeper.  She did great after about half hour I put a slit in the tape to rasie the volume and she never even blinked by the end or the trip I had taken the tape off and it was running full volume and she never even noticed.  We never found any birds but the dogs had a great romp and Patch got some time in the briars and sticks and she did really well.  I have attached some pictures of Gem on point on the woodcock and Jet on the small covey of quail and one of Patch running in the field.
  If you want to see the full allbums click on the link below to my Facebook account.

Monday, November 1, 2010


Went on a preserve hunt Saturday 10-30-10 with some buddies of mine from work, Scott Williams, Shawn Gilbert, Brian Huber and his son Drake and Kent Gingerich came along a video taped the whole.  I will post videos as soon as he gets me the files.  We hunted pheasant Chukar and Quail.  Everyone shot alot and had a great time.  the dogs I took are Jet, Gem, Maggie and Ammo all did well and pointed and honored all day long.  Drake is only 8 but his dad has had him hunting for a couple of years he kelled his first pheasant he was so excited he could hardly talk.  He said he liked bird hunting better than deer or turkey hunting I think I converted one young man.  I have posted a few pictures but if you want to see the whole album click on the link to my Facebook site.