Lost River Gemstone on the left and his son Lost River Hercules on the right

Monday, January 31, 2011


  It was quite a busy weekend but very fulfilling.   We made a flying trip to Tampico IL which is northwest of Chicago to pick up a dog.  His name is Last Chance Rowdy which I will reregister him as Lost River Fiddlin' Rowdy.  He is a small frame pointer , around 30 lbs, which is one of the smallest males we have ever owned.  The gentleman I bought him from, Joe Plote, had a couple pigeons and we took him to Joe's training field and I got to watch him work.  Had has a nice gate and good ground coverage and his range was close to medium which is exactly what we want to breed into our dogs.  He found both birds and was steady to flush and shot but not to the fall but that is fine, he is a natural retriever and iw well behaved in the field and handles lke a dream.
  Kinda broke my heart when we pulled out with Rowdy, the young man who sold him to me, Joe, was broken hearted Rowdy had been his first pointer and he had became quite attached to him.  He had tears in his eyes when he loaded him in the suburban.  But unfortunately for him he had to have the room in his kennels.  He raises Brittneys and trains for other people and he has 2 dogs coming in and needed to move a dog and since Rowdy was his only pointer he decided to move him.  It was a hard decision and hard on his heart but unfortunately it is part of the business.  I have been down that road and probably will be again and it is not easy.  Us bird dog people really live for our dogs and letting one go is always tough.  Joe may get a pup from Rowdy in the future and I will be more than happy to fix him up.
  We left at 4:15 AM Saturday morning and returned at 6:45 PM that evening and drove 745 miles and had great weather but it was quite a day.  Tampico IL is the birth place of Ronald Reagan we did not go on any tours or anything but is was nice to be able to say I was in the birth place of my most favorite president.
  When we got Rowdy home it was certainly an adjustment for Gem as well as Rowdy.  Of course Rowdy was confused but Gem did not like a strange dog in his territory.  Rowdy will be an in and out dog when I am at work I will put him in the kennel but when I am at home he will be in the house with me.  He slept the last 2 nights he slept in a crate in our bedroom and we didn't hear a peep out of him.  We are getting there with the 2 males I had Gem on one end of the couch and Rowdy the other last night so we are taking baby steps they still growl at each other when they pass so it will take a while but I think they will finally just give into each other and be content.  Here is a couple of pictures of Rowdy.
The puppies are doing well Morgan's only puppy in so fat it can hardly walk his eyes are open now and he is starting to move around.  Missy's 2 puppies are both doing well but not as fat as Morgan's.  I have already removed the dew claws and will start worming them this coming weekend.  It won't be long gefore they head to thier new homes.  The last litter we had was from Morgan and a gentleman who was supposed to buy Patch had a family emergency and I decided to keep patch wanted one of these new puppies but I offered him Patch because he really wanted a black/white female and of course all the pups we have now are orange/white he is quite happy and I could use the space my self as we have gotten one new dog and have 3 more coming soon.  I have started Patch well on to her way to being a great companion and a great bird dog.  I will miss her but I know she is going to a great home.
  Here are some pictures of the puppies Morgan's puppy is 13 day in this picture and Missy's 2 are 8 days old.

  Getting ready for the big ice storm tonight I have already put in for the day off tomorrow I am not soing to try to get out in the ice.  I have 3 four wheel drives but none of them go good in the ice.  So I am just going to stay home and try to get rested up.  I always have things to around the house that will keep me busy.  got another appointment on Saturday to have Gem drained again.  His new medicine seems to be helping it has been a month since he was drained and I think if we get him drained now and on his new medicine.  I am getting my truck back tonight the clutch went out last week and I dropped it off Saturday on our way to IL and they got it done today and it was about $150 dollars cheaper than the estimate so that makes me happy.  My truck is a 2000 Ford F250 deisel and it had 189,000 miles on the factory clutch so I cannot really complaim.
  Well I've rambled on enough for today will be back later.  Hope you all have a great week.
  God Bless you all,

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  1. Rowdy looks like a handsome fella, Daddy! And the puppies look smooshy and cute. Let us know when the best time to visit is!