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Monday, February 28, 2011


Well it is the last day of February and to me that means spring is just around the cornerer and then the work begins. I have a spring / retirement list going and I have more jobs lined up I will never get them done this year. You know I 've got to fit quite a few days of fishing in there and boy am I itching for that. I watched the bassmasters this weekend and that didn't do ahything but fuel the fire.
We went to our granddaughters 4th birthday party Saturday and had a good time. It is nice to visit with Stacey's family as they are all great people and are so nice. I also got to see quite a few of my onw family they were all there except for Sara and we didn't figure she would be there as it is a long drive for them.
Woke up sunday Morning and the weather was quite mild and I thought I should take advantage of it so I went out and cleaned the kennels. I finally got all the hoses out and got them all strung out to the kennels so not only did I scoop poop I finally got the chance to give them a good washing and all the the dogs seemed to appreciate it. buckets got scrubbed and things are pretty well back to normal.
My girl rosie who I thought might have Wobbler's syndrome seems to have made a full recovery. She it walking normal back jumping up and down from her dog house and has put on a few pounds. I am pretty sure she hurt herself when the ice was on and she jumped off her dog house and hurt her neck. She is still on some steriods but she seems to be her normal self. I am going to take her out on a field trip and see how she does in the field.
I have been doing a little yard work with Patch even though she is going to Utah eventually she is at the age she needs to learn a few manners. I have been making her stand before she gets a dog biscuit and and stand until she gets the OK signal from me. she is doing pretty well she just needs a little refresher evry night. I have also been working on making her stand and stand still until realeased. This is a work in process but we are getting there. Plan on start working on her with heel next and she needs to learn the check cord better and understand what it means.
The puppies are doing great the 2 young females go to there new homes Saturday March 12th and the big male will be shipped on March 21. They are just about ready to be taken away from the mamma's they are eating solid food and spend longer and longer each day away from mom. I will probably fully wean them the middle to the end of this week. I took a few pictures this last weekend and will post them tomorrow I forgot the CD today so be ready for tomorrow.

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