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Tuesday, February 15, 2011


  Well a lot going on around the kennels right now and I want to keep caught up so I don't have to bore you with a long post. 
  The Vet call and they think Rosie has "wobbler's syndrome"  which is basically a bulged disc in the neck.  It is common in larger dogs such as Great Danes and Dobermans.  Not so common in pointers but it could caused by an accident.  the only thing we could come up with is that Rosie likes to spend her time on top of her dog house and with all the ice and snow we had she could've jumped off her dog house and slipped on the ice and landed awkwardly and hurt her neck.  We think the weight lose it due to her not eating because it hurt her neck putting her head in her food bucket and her water bucket.  At this time she is still at the Vet under observation.  They gave her a shot of cortisone and that is about all we can do and then keep her calm in crate for a couple of weeks and see if time will heal things up.  I hope so Rosie is such a sweet heart.
   One to the new dogs I picked up this last weekend, Spice, came to me already in the middle of her heat cycle so I went ahead and bred her Herky last night.  This should be a great breeding looking at the pedigrees they age a great match.
  The new puppies are in the middle of their socialization period and come into the house every day to be played with and get used to humans this is a very important part of our breeding program.  We want our puppies to like people and like being around people.  They are so cute right now they are up and walking around and beginning to explore their surroundings.  I will post a couple of pictures on the bottom.
  With the ice and snow at the end of the month I completely forgot to give the dogs their heart worm medicine so I took care of that last night I was a couple of weeks late but like they say better late than never.  We also started the pups on their puppy worm medicine it tastes and smells like bananas and they love it is fun to watch them drink it down out of a small syringe.
I'll post more as things happen and keep everyone up to date on Rosie's health.
Josephine and Summer

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