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Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Well had a great but very busy weekend.  No hunting this weekend I had business to take care of Saturday and went to my Mothers for our Family thanksgiving dinner.
  I tied to breed Missy to Jet Wednesday and Thursday.  He was able to penetrate but not able to "knot"  so I A.I.ed her Friday night and again Monday evening so it is just a wait and see procedure now.  I hope it took but we should know in about 30 to 35 days.  I took yesterday off woke up with a migraine and didn't feel well early but got to feeling better as the day progressed I did get all the kennels cleaned and all the dogs got fresh new bedding.  They are so funny when they get fresh bedding they just dive in there and scratch and snuff abround to get ther new beds done.  I always enjoy watching them.  I also put a new 7 way plug on my truck getting ready to go north for a pheasant hunt hopefully lotsa news and pictures when I get back.
  At my family dinner we had 33 family members attend all of moms great grandkids were there.  The only 2 who could make it were my neice and nephew, Cassie and Adam.  Adam is in the marines and is deployed and Cassie lives in Seattle and she couldn't make it home.  It was a nice gather but either we are going to have to quit growing or my Mon is going to have to get a bigger house.  I have attached pictures of my grandkids and my family if you wish to see the whole album follow the link to my facebook album.

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