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Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Well I lied in a previous post and said that it was my last fishing trip and it was not, going again tonight after work.  We are in the middle of Indian Summer it is supposed to be 75 degrees and sunny.  So we decided to go one more time.  I'll post some pictures if we get any of decent size.  But it is back into the field tomorrow.  I am off due to the Veterans Day holiday and will hunt both tomorrow and Friday.  Saturday I am going to the Old Ben Scout Reservation with my son and grandson.  My grandson sold popcorn and won this trip for selling over a thousand dollars worth so I am looking forward to spending to time with my son and grandson.  I am hoping to get my grandson hunting soon as he loves the shooting part of these trips it is a BB gun but he is a pretty good shot and hopefully it is a step towards the hunting lifestyle with Pops, thats me.  I'll post any good pictures I get hunting and my trip to the scout reservation so stay tuned.

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