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Monday, October 25, 2010


Had a pretty good weekend, went to Bardstown KY and visited my daughter her husband and my 2 grandkids.  Made the trip to pick of my 95 tracker which had some mechanical problems.  Had a since visit Sara made a wonderful lunch of Roast, Steamed Veggies and pasta it was delicious.  Dropped by the new Bass Pro in Clarksville on the way home and bought a few new fishing lures, going to try to go fishing one more time this week.
  Spent Sunday working on the Geo got part of the problems fixed but it took some good redneck engineering but I did get the fuel leak fixed and put the battery on the charger and got it fully charged.  Still need to buy a new fuel filler neck the one in it rusted and when you put fuel in it most goes out on the ground.  Been looking on line and found a new one but still looking for a used one.
  Stormed about 4 AM this morning and it was a welcome sight and sound we got about .4 inches and we are expected to get more in the next couple of days.
  Didn't mess with the pup any this weekend.  I fixed one of my kennels and I am planning on moving her closer to the house so when I go out I can spend more time with her.  She is doing well with NO and here plan on putting on her first birds this coming weekend.

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  1. We loved seeing you, Dad! I'm glad you enjoyed the roast!