Lost River Gemstone on the left and his son Lost River Hercules on the right

Thursday, December 30, 2010


  Christmas day is behind us and New Years is just a couple of days away.  My family is coming over New Years Day to celebrate our Christmas.  All our kids and grandkids should be there with the exception of Oliver and he might still make just need to convince his Dad he needs to celebrate his Christmas with the rest of his family.  Looking forward to it.
  Things have been quiet around the kennels.  With the holidays I haven't been able to get out and hunt any.  After our problems with Gem on Christmas eve he seems to be feeling much better.  He brought me his rubber toy when I got home from work Tuesday and we played fetch for 15 to 20 minutes and he is full of energy again.  Even though I know that this is only temporary it is still nice to see him full of himself again.
  I've sold a couple of more puppies this week which make me very happy.  a couple of these are repeat customers and that makes me happy.  it makes me feel like we are doing something right if people want a 2nd pup from our kennel. 
  I studded Gem to a female from Ohio and a gentleman got a pup from these folks and it was the best dog he ever had.  He contacted me because he wanted another pup out of Gem.  Since Gem is retired from breeding I told him I had a litter our of Gem's son, Herkie, He liked that and put a deposit down. 
  If you know anyone wanting a great English Pointer puppy give them my name and my home page, http://www.lostriverkennels.com/ and I will fix them right up.  I know Morgan is expecting and am 97% percent sure Missy took.  She is adding weight and her nipples are bigger and fuller so I am pretty sure she took.  but I've been fooled before.  So I am keeping my fingers are crossed and hope my hunches turn out true.

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