Lost River Gemstone on the left and his son Lost River Hercules on the right

Friday, December 10, 2010


Well it is finally Friday and it has been a long week.  Not much news to pass on other than it has been cold and now they are talking about snow.  I have had to start carrying water to the dogs already usually don't have to start that until January or so.  May go call coyotes and then bird hunt tomorrow just depends on the weather.  I am trying to let my dogs rest and heal a little bit as I am going back north to hunt wild pheasants and I have run the dogs pretty hard this year so I would like them to be well rested as we will be hitting it for 2 days long and hard.  It will be my last pheasant hunt of the year as season go out on the 20th so I am hoping to get another one or 2 on this little trip.  I hope everyone has a great weekend and I hope to post some news the first of next week.
God Bless

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